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The continuation of the “Fat Frumos” story or The link between the development of the Romanian IT industry and the personal development of its employees

Valentin Deac - Head of the Delivery @ NTT Data Romania

Conference Hall

13nd November, 12:30-13:00

The classic story mentions that the hero, Făt Frumos, was growing in one month like the others in one year. While such an accelerated growth certainly comes with great advantages, the same story conveniently ends with “the hero lived happily ever after” and does not tackle the downsides of this growth. Similarly, the Romanian IT industry has grown spectacularly and in relatively short time, burning several steps in the process. At the same time, a generation of young specialists have built a lot of experience and developed successful careers in the field. Not living in a mythical story, we do not have the luxury of not reflecting on where we are, what comes next and what do we have to do to continue to be successful.

Are you a new actor in the IT industry or planning to become one and are wondering if this step was/is one worth taking? Are you a senior specialist asking yourself how you can keep up the pace and "go up" professionally? Do you know the evolution of the Romanian IT industry and want to see if it still “hot” and how to keep it so? This presentation has a little bit for everyone.

The speaker draws on his wide experience in the field and his findings while working in Romania and abroad to trace a parallel between the opportunities and expected growth of the Romanian IT companies and the personal development of their employees, while looking into concrete examples and providing advices using an entertaining and practical approach.

Valentin Deac

NTT Data Romania

Valentin Deac is a highly motivated and dynamic professional with 23 years in the IT&C industry, out of which 18 years in various management or director positions in multinationals, and 6 years of academic level teaching experience.

Valentin worked for Nokia for 16 years, his last position in Romania being Executive Director of Nokia Romania until the end of 2010. Between January 2011 and January 2019, he worked in Berlin (Germany) on various senior Technical Director positions at Nokia and later at HERE Technologies (independent company resulting from the divestment of Nokia Maps), running Delivery and PMO groups and being in charge with the operations, hosting and support of the majority of the HERE services on global level.

Upon his return to Cluj-Napoca, Valentin has joined NTT Data Romania, part of NTT Group, one of the top 10 System Integrators worldwide, providing services for more than 80% of Fortune Global 100, as Head of the Delivery. In his role, Valentin is responsible for defining and implementing the strategy, solutions and supporting processes to deliver the IT enablement of the company.

Valentin is a passionate public speaker and has been invited in the last 12 years as key presenter to several conferences and events in Romania and abroad.