The Journey towards Agility: lessons learned from successes and failures

Simona Bonghez - CEO @ Colors in Projects

Conference Hall

12nd November, 16:30-17:00

Implementing an Agile mindset throughout an organization is a radical organizational change, and its success depends on how this is aligned with the organization's own unique culture. This is however one of the most overlooked challenges when trying to manage an organization's agile transformation. The presentation will walk the audience through real cases, exemplifying the crucial role that culture plays in such Enterprise Agile Transformation.

Simona Bonghez

Colors in Projects

Simona Bonghez, PhD, trainer and consultant, owner of Colors in Projects, has over 20 years of experience in delivering training and consulting services in management and project management. Simona thinks that she would not have come this far without a good sense of humor. She really believes that games and metaphors are powerful tools for having interactive and enjoyable experience sharing sessions, thus enforcing the learning process.