The Complex Simplicity of Agile Tribes

Bogdan Mureșan - Optimisation Agile Coach @ PaddyPowerBetfair

Conference Hall

12nd November, 18:00-18:30

Scaling Agile is never easy. Keeping the agile mindset when you deal with multiple teams which are marching together towards a common outcome is quite a challenge. One of the existing models has been created by Spotify and continuously evolves around the concept of Tribes. It’s so powerful that even if Spotify doesn’t call it “Spotify Model”, the rest of the world does. And even it it looks simple, and maybe a little silly, it is actually very complex. As a proof, it was already adopted and customized by some powerful organizations in the world.

Bogdan Mureșan


I am one of the lucky people to do what they love to do, to fuel my passion for technology. Slowly I moved from building things and discovering new technical challenges by myself, to build teams and work with them to do this together. And more interesting I discovered a real sense of personal accomplishment by sharing what I know with the others. Writing articles, speaking at events, mentoring are things which I never thought I would love to do, but definitely are completing my passion for technology. Currently I am an Optimisation Agile Coach for PaddyPowerBetfair getting my knowledge to support an Enterprise Agile transformation. All the experience I gained, the roles which I filled over time are just a consequence (even a bonus) of what I like to do.