Software Architecture

The Art Of Composition

Gabriel Ciuloaică - Independent Software Consultant @

Europa room, 3rd floor

13nd November, 11:00-12:00

The essential core of functional programming is function composition. We'll discover together the mind-blowing power of composition in functional programming by building a sample projects using function composition and other kind of compositions.

Gabriel Ciuloaică

Gabriel Ciuloaica is a Software Architect & Technical leader with 15+ years experience in delivering professional services to large global businesses in telecommunication and gambling industries. He is currently working as Independent Software Consultant. During the time he worked with teams from companies like WowApp, Gemini Solutions, Adlogica and IQuate to reach their goals. Before working as consultant he was working for large organisations like Softvision, Intellisync, Nokia and Betfair having different leadership roles.