Hands on lab

Navigation apps and how an SDK is built

Norbert Fodor - Software engineer @ Telenav

Room 32, 3rd floor

12nd November, 12:00-12:30

We take navigation applications that we are using day-by-day for granted, but do we really know what's underneath the hood?

When we use them to get home, go to the gym, shop for groceries for example - it's really crucial to have traffic information to get the best route to the destination. When we are driving our cars, we need punctual and well timed turn-by-turn advices in order to avoid irritating reroutings caused by an early turn.

Let's find out how things are made and connect the dots in the navigation world.

Norbert Fodor


Passionate software engineer working in the navigation business for more than 6 years. Took up on challenges with a handful of Mobile developers in working on projects with some of the top Automotive OEM's of the world. Adept of the idea of always questioning things, asking the WHY? behind solutions and implementations.