Microservices as Technical Apps

Bogdan Niculescu - Tech Lead @ Gemini Solutions

Europa Room

13nd November, 12:00-12:30

A real life story on how we've migrated a complex environment from having a few monoliths to an environment of distributed microservices that look like a single application from user point of view, even though behind the scenes there are a few services that we're calling "technical apps" with their own user interface, backend, database etc. All these needed to happen at the same time with revamping completely the whole platform approach migrating from managed services to self service capabilities (so we could scale in terms of handled clients without hiring more people for supporting users) and also with migrating from .NET apps deployed on dedicated machines to .NET Core apps deployed on Mesos (so we could scale the load on platform). The steps of doing this migration are not always intuitive as there is always more work to be done and more new features to be released than the teams' bandwidth.

Bogdan Niculescu

Gemini Solutions

Tech Lead at Gemini Solutions. I am passionate about coding, designing solutions and solving architecture puzzles like we have in our complex production environment. I enjoy writing code and I try to be a "polyglot" developer doing a few projects that touch programming languages like Java, Scala, C# and Javascript. I always love reading good development articles or books that don't just teach you how to use a new technology but also what's underneath (spoiler: it all drills down to algorithms & structures).