Initiate great products that customers love by using Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile

Daniela Lica - Agile Coach @ Metro Systems

Conference Hall

12nd November, 17:30-18:00

The Agile way of working has become the norm in the software development industry to overcome the limitations of the traditional Waterfall model. It promotes an empirical and iterative approach that facilitates customer collaboration, feedback loops and fast delivery. Still, the ability to be flexible and to develop faster might not be enough to create innovative products that the customers love.

For that, Design Thinking matches technology with the way people think, by imagining their interaction with the product and generating ideas about their actual problems and needs. Lean Startup validates these ideas after a short period of time by promoting the creation of a simple product that is offered to the customers to check if the initial business hypotheses are still standing.

There is not a clearly defined handover point between Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile during the product creation process; they are complementary and overlapping at some points. However, combining their key aspects is essential for the success of the product. This speech describes how to match these three powerful concepts to set the stage for a new product development process.

Daniela Lica

Metro Systems

Daniela works as a Lean-Agile coach at METRO SYSTEMS Romania, guiding the product teams on their way to a performing stage.

„What’s your vision? „Which are your business hypotheses?”, „How do you validate them?”, „Did you receive any feedback?”, „Is your way of working efficient enough?” – are the questions that she has been addressing a lot lately to the teams she is working with & finding the answers is essential for her role as a coach.