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How to get away with money laundering

Luke Mawbey - VP of Engineering @ Comply Advantage

Conference Hall

13nd November, 15:40-16:10

If you’re going to abuse public office and receive a large bribe or go into business as a human trafficker, then it’s important that you evade detection and are able to reintroduce your illicitly gained funds into the regular financial system - otherwise known as money laundering.

Modern technologies including graph databases, Machine Learning and data mining techniques have made getting away with such crimes progressively more difficult. We will walk through some of the data and methods used to detect such crimes.

Luke Mawbey

Comply Advantage

Luke Mawbey oversees ComplyAdvantage’s technology and development teams in London and Cluj that work on the detection and prevention of financial crime. Luke has previously worked on 4G mobile research and development projects in Australia and Japan, as well as data management for United Nations programs in Bangladesh and sub-Saharan Africa. Before joining ComplyAdvantage he ran his own startup focussed on the application of big data to evidenced-based decision making.