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Doru Șupeală - Managing Partner @ SPOR

Studio room

12nd November, 17:00-17:30

I will shortly present the 12 pillars of the Employer Branding Marketing Mix and seven ideas about how companies can build a powerul and attractive Employer Value Proposition. The content is part of the Employer Branding Handbook I will publish in February 2020, and inspired by seven of the Best Employer Companies in Romania, as ranked by Catalyst.

Doru Șupeală


Doru Șupeală is a Marketing and Business consultant. He is Managing Partner at SPOR – Școala Pentru Oameni Responsabili (The School for Responsible People) and the initiator of several creativity experiments - Fabrica de Idei (The Idea Factory). He is a PhD candidate at Babeș-Bolyai University, writing a thesis on the management of creativity and innovation. He has an MBA from University of Hull, an MA in Marketing from Babeș-Bolyai University, and an MA in Communication Studies from Transylvania University Brașov.

He occupied management positions in Marketing, Communication and Procurement in several local and multinational companies, such as Selgros, IKEA, Betfair, Onyx Beacon, Ramada Brașov or InNuts Fund. He also worked as journalist and editing manager at ProTV, Radio Brașov and MixMediaGroup, and as communication consultant at Autoliv.

Written work:

  • “On Employer Branding” – to be published in 2020
  • “Experience Makes a Difference – Proximity Marketing for Millennials” (Libris Publishing House, 2017) /li>
  • ”Inspire to hire and win the war for talents” - Marketing ID Journal - DeGruyter, Berlin./li>
  • ”MarkeThink & More” – personal blog: www.dorusupeala.ro