Hands-on Introduction to Stream Processing & Hazelcast Jet

Jozsef Bartok - Software Engineer @ Hazelcast

Workshop room

12nd November, 16:30-18:30

This workshop is an extension of the "Understanding Stream Processing" talk, a set of practical, hands-on examples of the discussed concepts, written in Java, by using Hazelcast Jet.

Bring your laptop, prepared with:

  • A recent Java 8 JDK
  • Your IDE of choice installed – IntelliJ Idea, Eclipse, NetBeans, etc.
  • Download training code from https://github.com/hazelcast/hazelcast-jet-training
Build the code using Maven and set as Java project

Jozsef Bartok


I have been a Java developer for 16 years. The first 10 were spent on various proprietary real-time market data systems in the financial industry. Later I met Peter Lawrey and got involved with ultra-low latency Java applications. It was amazing to see what's possible to achieve with Java applications, in particular high percentile latencies in the order of microsecond on commodity hardware. I'm currently working for Hazelcast, on their stream-processing product called Jet and I'm more and more involved with this interesting domain of processing global-scale, infinite datasets.