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From Idea to Market — how to create desirable products people pay for

Lorand Minyo - Founder & Product Manager @ INC3

Room 32, 3rd floor

13nd November, 15:40-16:10

How do you go from an obsession to something that people would be delighted to pay for? In this introductory presentation, Lorand will share his framework of creating desirable products.

Lorand Minyo


Lorand is the founder of INC3, an information technology focused company, where his main goal is to help organizations grow, innovate and solve problems using design thinking through specific focus on product management and marketing.

His role includes an overlap of product management (organising the technical and product teams, conducting user interviews, ideating, developing MVPs and testing, as well as writing user stories and overseeing product backlogs and JIRA workflows) and marketing (creating mid and long term marketing and go-to-market strategies, campaign strategy, as well as original content creation and transcreation — video, audio and copy, and cultural consultations), in addition to assessing and training product managers and marketers.

His work has impacted global brands from the automotive, FMCG, retail, banking and software industry such as Land Rover, Duracell, Hellman's, H&M and HP