Connected Vehicles or In-Car Companions?

Adrian Tamaș - Senior Product Manager @ Telenav

Studio room

12nd November, 15:10-15:40

The connected car is soon becoming an “Intelligent Personal Space” that features a number of technologies designed to provide the vehicle occupants with an in-vehicle experience where the car is more of a caretaker or companion that assists us with day-to-day tasks.

Connected cars are adding amazing new capabilities— like live traffic and weather, on-line music services, and virtual assistants. Unfortunately, Vehicle Infotainment Systems have become burdened with integrating these capabilities into a safe, seamless, and delightful experience. The future will be about seamless driver and passenger experiences.

We will talk about how the future of an connected experience looks like.

Adrian Tamaș


Experienced Senior Product Manager, designing and launching embedded, mobile, web, platforms and cloud based products in industries such as automotive, lead generation, gambling, e-commerce, tourism. At Telenav, Adrian spends his days and nights leading the Automotive Reference Product and working together with our international teams to create best in class connected car software, integrated by customers like GM, Ford, Toyota, FCA and more. Firm believer of the fact that every product idea has to start with the customer in mind and maintain the approach in every iteration.