Artificial Inteligence

Cognitive Computing: bridge between the AI Hype and Reality

Radu Orghidan - VP Cognitive Computing @ Endava

Europa room, 3rd floor

12nd November, 17:00-17:30

As we move closer towards a digital version of reality, Radu explores the way AI is creating a new philosophy within technology and how to select the right kinds of technology to succeed against your business objectives in the long term.

The presentation considers the opportunities and the risks faced by the two actors on the AI scene: the Customer, that provides the data and takes actions based on the insights, and the AI provider, that generate insights through AI using the data.

The link between the two is represented by the AI cloud solutions currently available on the market. A structured view of the commercial sector is also presented using a trifold perspective according to the business focus areas, the technologies driving AI and the start-up situation in 2019. Finally, everything falls in place to uncover a set of guidelines for a successful cognitive computing approach.

Radu Orghidan


Radu is a technical business consultant with in-depth knowledge of innovation management. He leads cross-functional teams to achieve cutting edge technical objectives for our clients. His projects use data acquired from different sensors such as depth sensing cameras, mobile robots or microphones to create systems that enhance a users’ abilities to understand and interact with the environment… or sometimes to create 3D scans of his two kids. In his free time Radu loves running outdoors, skiing and being in the snow, or eating seafood while sharing a good bottle of wine.