Building Air Navigation Software

Cătălin Roman - Software Architect @ Frequentis

Studio room

13nd November, 16:30-17:00

This year the „Oscar” for technology in aviation, Jane’s ATC Award, was granted to Constellation project.

Constellation is the name of an aeronautical system that went live into operations not too long ago, delivering increased safety through more accurate fuel prediction and efficiency via fuel savings, leading to lower carbon emissions.

It’s a story of a multi-vendor project that evolved systems from mainframe to cloud and algorithms from 2D to 4D.

Cătălin Roman


Cătălin is a Software Architect specialized on server side backend development in Java. He spent most of his career designing and implementing software solutions in the field of Location Based Services, Mobile Advertising and e-Commerce for Nokia and HERE Maps. At Frequentis he is working with airline companies and aeronautical authorities building something called: Aeronautical Information Management solutions.