Arts and Technology: What’s in for the Programmers?

Mara Rațiu - Associate Professor @ University of Art and Design

Conference Hall

12nd November, 15:10-15:40

Artists’ fascination with scientific discoveries and the subsequent technologies goes back to the Greek-Roman Antiquity. In this vein, the new technologies developed since the second half of the 20th century have had a major impact on the artistic production. Since the 1960’s artists have used new technologies in order to create new forms of art that we generically call new media art. The consequence of this happy relationship between arts and technology was the expansion of the scope of the artistic field. But what’s in for the technological sector and particularly for the programmers? Are the arts able to contribute to the development of technology or is this relationship just a one-way road? With this question in mind, this presentation will argue that the arts – technology relationship is a mutually beneficial one by exploring the arts’ potential in the improvement of programming technologies.

Mara Rațiu

University of Art and Design

Mara Raţiu is Associate Professor within the Theory Department of the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca, Romania (since 2014), teaching courses in philosophy and aesthetics of the visual arts, and Vice-Rector responsible for institutional partnerships within the same university (since 2012). She holds a PhD in Philosophy at the Babeş-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania (2011). Her main research interests are in aesthetics, contemporary artistic practices and institutions and their socio-political implications. She has published several articles in peer-reviewed journals and she is the author of the book Arta ca activitate socială / Art as social activity (2011). Also, she is the editor of the volume Discursuri asupra artei / Discourses on Art (2014). She has presented papers in more than a dozen national and international conferences. She is a GETTY – New Europe College Bucharest fellow (March-June 2010; October 2012-February 2013), as well as a RAVE Stipendium – IFA Stuttgart curatorial fellowship alumna (2003). She is a member of the Representative Board (since 2016) and of the Executive Board (since 2018) of ELIA – European League of Institutes of the Arts. For her work in international relations within the academia, as well as for her constant support for the French-speaking culture in the Romanian context, in 2016 Mara Raţiu was awarded the title Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques of the French Republic.