A story about blockchain and consensus

Ovidiu Deac - Software consultant @ Ed-IT.ro

Europa room, 3rd floor

12nd November, 11:00-12:00

Trying to keep things as simple as possible, we will go through the design decisions behind blockchain platforms. We will touch the basics, talk a bit about the proof-of-work approach to consensus, how proof-of-stake is different and about Casper - a family of proof-of-stake protocols - and its implementation in RChain.

Ovidiu Deac


Ovidiu Deac is a software engineer with 20+ years of experience which he spent working with a wide range of technologies. He does consulting work and training on topics related to functional programming and organises the local FP community in Cluj-Napoca. During the last years, he became interested in blockchain technologies while working on the RChain project.